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Paul Bastock Interview
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In light of Wisbech Town keeper Paul Bastock recently breaking England legend Peter Shilton’s record for the most appearances of any footballer, we spoke to the Wisbech Town shot stopper about how he felt after breaking the record, the most memorable moment of his 1252 appearance career, and much more.


UCL: How do you feel having broken a record previously held by a legend such as Peter Shilton?

Paul Bastock: It’s unbelievable really, I knew it was coming once I found out about it. I was very pleased when I reached 1000 appearances, and not long ago I was thinking about packing it in, but the gaffer told me about how close I was. I never really realised how interested the media would be but it’s a great record to hold.


UCL: Did Peter congratulate you on your success?

Paul Bastock: He congratulated me on Twitter, he said it had to take a number 1 to beat a number 1.


UCL: What is the most memorable moment of your 1252 appearance career?

Paul Bastock: I would have to say it was when I was playing for Boston in the Football League, we went down to 9 men away at Swansea, we had already had a points deduction and were fighting for our lives, and we managed to come away with a 0-0 draw. We got a standing ovation from their supporters and it was an awesome experience.


UCL: How have you found your time with Wisbech Town so far?

Paul Bastock: Loving it, great set of lads, top gaffer, the club have been great, I’ve got a good relationship with the fans. It’s a new level of football for me so I’m getting to see new grounds. It’s a top club with a great set up, I’ve really enjoyed it.

UCL: Do you still believe you have a few years left in you or do you think this will be your last season?

Paul Bastock: I could play until I’m 50, but I’m packing it in after this season.


UCL: Would promotion with Wisbech be the perfect way to finish your career?

Paul Bastock: That would be great, promotion and a trip to Wembley is what I have my sights set on.


Everyone at the UCL would like to congratulate Paul on his achievement and wish him the best for the rest of the season.

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